Hi! I’m Valentina, Italian wedding and elopement photographer based in Austin, Texas, but available wherever your story may take you.

Fluid. Intense. Spontaneous.

These are the 3 words I use to describe my style.

Movement is everything to me. Ballet was my first passion and that's probably what makes me seek fluidity when I shoot. The movement can come from a hand touching an arm or the wind ruffling the hair, but I always find it magical and I love to stop that instant in a picture.

Intensity comes from emotions. I often see couples at weddings getting absorbed by the schedule, trying to have the entire "show" running perfectly on time while making everybody happy, forgetting about enjoying the moment. I mean, you're getting married! Do you want to remember the stress of the day or how happy you were to be marrying the love of your life? That's why I never add extra pressure on my couples - like I see some other photographers and videographers do (sorry) - making them waste time for that extra shot or trying to create a frame with your entire wedding party, all in a perfect pose.

Most of my photos are spontaneous candids or semi-candids, meaning that instead of posing still and look into the camera - which makes a perfect Vanity Fair cover but doesn't really remind you of any emotion at all - I'll ask you and your entire wedding party to form a group and walk towards me and look at each other, which always ends up in beautiful images full of movement, and smiles, and warmth. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Ready to create some magic together?