Giardino Giusti Couple Session – M + D

April 28, 2018


Giardino Giusti | Verona, Italy

I spent so much time in Verona because of the University before and my boyfriend husband then, and I remember how many times I walked near this location that was just a few steps away from the Erasmus office I visited So. Many. Times. during my third year of study and always thought “Oh yes, I’ll have to see it sooner or later”. And then a few months ago I saw a pic on Instagram of that beautiful long alley surrounded by tall trees and I decided that I had to go there the next time I was going to Italy.

I was so lucky to take a couple at Giardino Giusti last April. They drove from pretty far to be there and I was so happy with the location. It has so much potential. And the couple was just amazing. Michela was wearing a super cute dress and edgy green Dr. Martens boots…and even brought my cookbook to have it autographed!