Estes Park Wedding – M + C

September 20, 2018


Estes Park, Colorado

A few months ago I wrote Mariele a dm on Instagram, asking if she was willing to let me borrow some of her amazing rings to use for styles shootings I’d love to shoot in the future. Not only her answer was “of course” but she added that she was getting married soon and she hadn’t even thought about hiring a photographer. And she loved my style. WHAAT? So on September 6th, I was flown from SFO to DEN to spend 3 nights with her family and friends in Estes Park.

It was my first time outside California – ok, I’ve been to Kauai but I struggle considering it Us – and omg, I loved seeing the nature changing while driving from Denver to Estes Park and I wish I’ll be able to get there again soon. Once there, I realized that her family is the best group of people I have ever seen. Everybody was helping to organize the best 4-day wedding party ever and they always had a smile on their faces. Coming from a very different family, it felt amazing.

On Saturday the couple showed me the spot they picked for the ceremony, because the one that they were supposed to use, with benches and a cross, didn’t feel like them. They wanted to become wife and husband over an old destroyed cabin, where only the fireplace was still standing and everything else that was left was just a pile-up of rocks. She was a little worried, because there wasn’t really a place for their guests to sit, but then she thought it was fine if they were standing, the ceremony wasn’t going to be longer than 10-15 minutes and “this is like an elopement with a large audience”, and I fell in love with this concept.

Now stop with the words, I think images can tell more.