Fall introvert portrait session – L

November 23, 2018


Berkeley, California

Lizett contacted me because the “introvert” of my portrait sessions made her think that we were right for each other. I met her and she was the shyest and beautiful girl I have ever met. Her curly hair was so bold, her eyes huge and gorgeous but she was so delicate and humble. I’ve never met someone like her before.
We started the session and she was so nervous, so I always made her look around, or keep her eyes closed. I didn’t want her to see the camera. Or me. During the last 2 minutes, I asked her to stand on a stump and I said something to her to make her laugh and this pic came out. The prettiest smile ever.
That’s why I love my introvert portrait work because the connection it creates with the other person. It goes much deeper than any wedding or couple session.