Lands End and Sutro Baths Moody Intimate Wedding

April 25, 2019


San Francisco, California

Joanna reached to me on Instagram and something immediately clicked. Was it the European connection? She moved from Scotland to California over 9 years ago – I moved here 3.5 years ago from Italy. She works in fashion and is passionate about ceramics and the style of the entire party was just perfect, from her Gucci shoes and hairclip, her Acne studio leather jacket, her soon-to-be-husband kilt, the beautiful and colorful flowers.

They decided to get married at San Francisco City Hall with just a few special guests to have a dinner party in the city with friends.

We talked a lot about the location for the portraits and we ended up picking Lands End and Sutro Baths, challenging the weather forecasting rain for that day. Armed with a few clear umbrellas that we never had to open, we faced the cold wind that made her dress flow beautifully and the clouds created the perfect moody look that Scotland knows very well.

Let’s stop talking now, enjoy the photos.


Welp, this is BEYOND dreamy!!!!! #goals

Aren’t they perfect?? I loved their cool vibe, those girls in black rocked it 🀟🏻

These photos are THE DEFINITION of moody! Like if someone wanted to know what a moody photographer’s photos look like, I should direct them to this blog (and your work in general!). And you captured their day so beautifully. Love it!

Omg THANKS! πŸ™πŸ» I live for the moody vibes

Oh my goodness. The mood, the couple, the scenery, it’s all too much! This has such incredible PNW vibes to it (despite being in Cali– not hating on California at all, just an observation about tones!)I absolutely love how you captured this beautiful wedding

Omg Maddie, yes! I love PNW – even if I’ve never been πŸ˜… – and Scotland and Iceland and all those moody vibes, so I try to take advantage of the not too sunny days here in the Bay Area to feel like I’m a fancy photographer who goes in cool moody places πŸ˜‚

I love the dark mood! So intimate and stunning.

Thanks so much Katie!

These are so stunning! Officially obsessed with her bouquet! Lands End is right by my house and I love seeing different perspectives of it — you did an amazing job!

Oh you’re so lucky, i’d be there all the time just walking around with my pup 😍🐢

Wow!! Love the moodiness of these photos!! Gorgeous!!

Thanks so much Jessi! the weather helped a lot, I love dark and moody but sometimes the sun doesn’t agree with me πŸ˜›

welpppppp!!! Gonna have to get iengaged so you can shoot my wedding! your work is trully beautiful!

I’m here whenever you want πŸ˜› thanks so much <3

what a beautiful couple, and setting for a small intimate wedding – love their style too!

Right?? So stylish!

These are so pretty! I love his traditional outfit, too!

Me too! A Scottish wedding in SF is not very usual πŸ˜€

Wow. These are amazing. The locations are so pretty and I really love her jacket. You did such a great job!

Omg I’m obsessed with her jacket, I looked into it last year but it’s too expensive for me πŸ˜›

Oh my goodness how cool that both of you are from Europe! Also, I cannot get over the florals. This is so beautiful! I am loving it!

Yeah, it was a fun detail! And the flowers were GORGEOUS!

These are so stunning! The location is to die for and fits perfectly with the moody look! I honestly cannot get over the wind-blown dress bottom!!

And you have no idea how many pics of her wind-blown dress I sent her LOL

This looks like the coolest couple ever. And I love the edits, the mood, and the gorgeous tones in your images! So so pretty!

Omg thanks so much Kat!