I'm Valentina, but you can call me V for short!

I'd tell you my story in brief like this: born in Italy in 1988, grew up in ballet school, fell in love with food, and started a food blog in 2008 that made me buy my first DSRL and teach myself the art of photography, wrote and shot a cookbook in 5 months between 2015 and 2016 - while moving to California - started hating the process and craving to portray people, started shooting couples of friends for free just to grow a portfolio while waiting for my employment authorization to arrive, it finally got approved in February 2019 and I opened my photography business the following month.

2020 is the year for a fresh start. A divorce later and during a global pandemic, I recently decided to move to Austin, Texas!

Oh, Bay is not my real last name :P

A few fun facts...

I have a separated Instagram account dedicated to sustainable fashion - @mysustainablecapsule / I'm addicted to fabric / I made too many garments during quarantine / I don't drink alcohol - can only deal with a hard kombucha LOL

Let's dance together on the music of the emotions.