Fluid. Moody. Spontaneous.

These are the words I use to describe my style.

Movement is everything to me. Ballet was my first passion and that’s probably what makes me seek fluidity when I shoot. The movement can come from a hand touching an arm or the wind ruffling your hair, but I always find it magical and I love to stop that instant in a picture.

I believe that there’s some moodiness inside each one of us and that’s where we are the most vulnerable, where our deep emotions are. That’s what I want to express in my work. Your most inner feelings.

Spontaneity is modern. I think about my mom’s wedding album, with all those superposed photos. Does it look honest and moving? Not really. If you’re spontaneous – no worries, making you spontaneous in front of the lens is my job – you’ll recognize yourself in the pictures and remember all the sensations about that instant. 


At weddings, I generally try to be a silent observer and use a journalistic approach for most of the day, but when it comes to our portraits - usually after the ceremony - I'll help you find the right poses and create intimate moments to create beautiful memories.

At elopements, I'll try to document all the small things happening during your most important day. I believe than elopements are the best way to spend your wedding day at the fullest and I do my best to give you a record of every single instant of your perfect day.

In the same way, during couples, engagement and introvert portrait session, I'll help you feel comfortable in front of the lens and guide you in the right direction. You'll soon feel comfortable and we'll have so much fun!